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Perfect Lift has been a “Godsend”

The PERFECT LIFT is an amazing piece of equipment. We have had it in our home for over a year. We used it off and on but it became painstakingly obvious we needed to use it every day and all the time. When our 14 year old son broke his femur and ankle last February, the Perfect Lift was a “Godsend.”

My son was hospitalized for 1 week due to the breaks. The nurses wanted to use the hospital Hoyer lift to get him into his power chair. The complete and total anxiety of that task was beyond enormous for our son. Once we brought the PERFECT LIFT to the hospital, our son felt much more at ease while being moved by his parents.

Once we arrived home and our son was recuperating, the PERFECT LIFT allowed for easy and safe transport to the toilet, shower and bed. Our son felt safe to be transported. We truly cannot live without this lift. It has “SAVED” our backs. My husband and I could barely lift him on our own, but now we are “pros” at using it. Our son, Levi sits on the lift all day, while on his power chair. When he wants to be moved “anywhere” we can accommodate him easily.

In the past, we rarely visited family and friends because we could not get Levi to their homes. The PERFECT LIFT changed that! It has changed Levi’s quality of life and he can visit his cousins and is able to go inside their homes without worry.

I can’t say enough about the PERFECT LIFT. It’s not only a game changer, it’s a “life changer!”

~ Perlita Hains (Lebanon, PA)


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