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We used PERFECT LIFT on a Cruise!

I would like to thank Dana for creating such a wonderful tool for our family to use on vacation. Our son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and can no longer walk on his own. He is dependent on us to get from his bed to his wheelchair, from his chair to the toilet, and from his chair to the shower. We have used the PERFECT LIFT on vacation many times. We no longer need to find ourselves scrambling to find a hotel room with a hotel pool in order to accommodate our son’s needs. Our son can now be transported to the toilet, bed or even in or out of the hotel pool via the PERFECT LIFT. This device is lightweight and makes an easy travel companion.

We have also used the PERFECT LIFT on our cruise. We once had to transfer my son from the cruise ship to a tender boat, in order to go ashore Bar Harbor, Maine. We were happy we had the PERFECT LIFT on board with us to help transfer my son. He didn’t miss out on seeing this beautiful town. We are extremely grateful to have this lift in our possession 24/7. It is nice to have it as an emergency backup in the van or in his room and we are prepared should an emergency arise in our home or while traveling!

~ Tina Carson


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