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“This Lift Has Given us Freedom and Peace of Mind.”

The PERFECT LIFT has been a gift sent by God. My son Tanner is 15 years old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. In January 2020 while getting into bed, Tanner took a fall and we ended up in ICU of our local hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital was ill-equipped to move my son from his chair, to the x-ray machine, or even the hospital bed and knew very little about Tanner’s condition. We fortunately had our PERFECT LIFT with us, as it is always on his chair and we don’t leave home without it. My husband and I were able to get him into the hospital bed ourselves with ease. Once we were discharged, the hospital sent us home with equipment that was too large for our small home. Again, we found ourselves using the PERFECT LIFT to transfer our son and never used the equipment the hospital sent us home with.”

“Fast forward to September when we learned that Tanner had a tumor in his spine. He underwent a 12-hour surgery and we found ourselves in a similar situation. The local hospital was ill-equipped to care for our son. The doctors told us to avoid moving him because his back could curve. We asked ourselves, how can you not move him when he himself can’t walk nor use the lift they provided when it doesn’t support his back? So, we pulled out the PERFECT LIFT which allowed us to move him safely in a position that supported his back.

The PERFECT LIFT should be a mandatory piece of equipment for every school, hospital, and household with a non-ambulatory individual. I could go on and on regarding how much the PERFECT LIFT has given Tanner and our family freedom and peace of mind.


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