The Perfect Lift

Making Life Happen Again!

The Perfect Lift is a lightweight portable manual lift, making life easier for people and patients with limited mobility. 

               The Perfect Lift   Proudly Made in USA!

The Perfect Lift

Safety, Security, Confidence and Freedom

The Perfect Lift is a lightweight portable lift that is designed to allow 2-6 individuals to comfortably and quickly transport or move another individual regardless of their situation. It is water resistant, holds up to 300 pounds, and less than one pound makes it easy to fold up and carry with you on the go!


Great for traveling, no more expensive medical equipment rentals,

Emergency Situations

Always happen when you least expect them. Make sure to be prepared with the Perfect Lift should you ever find yourself in an emergency, evacuation, rescue, natural disaster, and more.

Recreational Activities

Give back freedom and independence to individuals in adaptive sports, swimming,

Assisted Living

Caregiving is not always easy especially when it comes to lifting individuals

The Perfect Lift is an amazing piece of equipment. It has been a “Godsend”

Perlita Hains

Lebanon, PA

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Tanners Story

My disability will not dictate the things I do.

Tanner suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Perfect Lift was inspired by Tanner’s mother Dana. Tanner cannot stand or use his legs or arms, he is fully dependent on his family. She refused to let Tanner’s disability dictate what he could or could not do, and believed that life can still happen for her son and her family the way it does for everyone. I had to find a way for Tanner to get back into life and feel safe.


Levi & Perlitas Story

The Perfect Lift

Makes Life Happen Again

We can transport him pretty much anywhere because of this perfect left we don't have to use very expensive equipment like a Hoyer lift anymore, so this has really changed our life and like I said earlier Levi sits in it all day so when we have to move him we just pick it up and go it really has changed our lives for the better leave. Do anything to say Levi “I love my Perfect Lift”

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The Perfect lift makes life happen worldwide.