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Making Life Happen Again.

The PERFECT LIFT is a lightweight and portable lift, that is designed to allow 2-6 individuals to comfortably and quickly transport or move an individual, regardless of their situation. It is water resistant, comes in multiple sizes, and is less than one pound, making it easy to fold up and carry with you wherever you go!

The Perfect Lift


Great for traveling! Get on that plane or boat, no more expensive medical equipment rentals.


The PERFECT LIFT gives back the freedom and independence to individuals in adaptive sports, swimming, and life in general!


Emergency situations always seem to happen when you least expect them. With the PERFECT LIFT, you will always be prepared should you ever find yourself in an emergency, evacuation, rescue, natural disaster, and more.



Caregiving is not always easy especially when it comes to lifting individuals from their beds or commodes. The PERFECT LIFT allows for easy lifting of a patient. We also have a PERFECT LIFT that is designed for toilets.



What our customers say...

My son has Duchenne MD and uses a power wheelchair. I have 2 perfect lifts…one stays in the back of the van and one stays in the wheelchair bag. Why you may ask! Because stuff happens!! Like once in a hotel on the 4th floor we needed to evacuate without the chair, like once in a small hotel on the 2nd floor there was a power failure so no elevator. These are not common but they’ve happened to my family and I want my son to know that we are prepared. If something unforeseen happens to our van or to his chair and we need to move him, we are ready! 
But there’s the fun stuff too.  We travel frequently and use the perfect lift to get our son from the plane aisle chair to his seat and then the reverse…so much easier! It’s also comfortable enough for him to keep under him for the flight so no worries there. We use it to get Michael on amusement rides like one of his favs, Rock n Roll Roller coaster in Holly wood Studios. We just used it at a resort in Cancun, Mexico that didn’t have a pool lift. No pool lift no problem! Michael didn’t miss 1 minute of fun with his friends thanks to the Perfect Lift! 
~ S.G.
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