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The Rescue Perfect Lift MED - (Up to  550 lbs.)

The Rescue Perfect Lift MED - (Up to 550 lbs.)


The Perfect Lift is a lightweight portable lift that is designed to allow 2-6 individuals to comfortably and quickly transport or move another individual regardless of their situation. It is water resistant, holds up to 550 pounds, and less than one pound makes it easy to fold up and carry with you on the go!


This Perfect Lift Rescue is for rescues on land or water in all emergency type situations. This lift is recommended to assist EMS, Fire, Police, Military, Lifeguards, Veterinarians and many more.



Great for traveling, no more expensive medical equipment rentals,


Emergency Situations

Always happen when you least expect them. Make sure to be prepared with the Perfect Lift should you ever find yourself in an emergency, evacuation, rescue, natural disaster, and more.


Recreational Activities

Give back freedom and independence to individuals in adaptive sports, swimming,


Assisted Living

Caregiving is not always easy especially when it comes to lifting individuals

  • **Australia / New Zealand Customers

     For our customers in Australia & New Zealand, we kindly encourage you to place your orders through our preferred partners .

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